The Legend and Hero NFTs

To build Bollyverse, a parallel Bollywood heroes dimension, Bolly Heroes brings about a limited edition NFT collection where your NFTs will be the stars of their films, animated series, games, and significantly more. The unique feature of this Bollyverse is that it collaborates with real partners like production houses, music marks, brands, big names, gaming studios, and animation organizations. This parallel Bollywood universe consists of Legend and Hero NFTs, explained below.


Legend NFTs includes 250 interesting NFTs addressing notorious scenes, characters, and outfits from 50 years of history of Bollywood motion pictures — the world’s largest entertainment industry! The most distinctive feature they portray is that they do not represent any real characters or people but closely resemble everything Bollywood stands for.

If you hold the Legend collection, you are automatically eligible for 10% royalties that these NFTs grant, which seems like a great deal! This royalty can be earned, on transaction fees, revenue, rewards, and incentives within the Bollyverse. Early holders and participants get the most rewards, so buckle up before they sell out!

Another advantage is that the collection of Legends convey a few rights on the booking of tasks and a few different exercises inside the Bollyverse for perpetuity. In the initial 15 days, the Legend NFTs can be exchanged by the Community. Therefore, in simple terms, one must hold legend NFTs for various future promotions and exclusive rewards.


Hero NFTs comprise 10000 interesting automatically generative NFTs with their motivations and prizes. Every Hero NFT has various characteristics and properties that will be disclosed near the dispatch. So what exactly makes them suitable and attractive for Indian consumers?

Their uniqueness and appeal lie in the way they catch Indian Bollywood culture, the enthusiasm, and the fantasy that continues for each Indian just as worldwide residents. They subtly try to capture the vividness of how one’s character would like as these NFTs do not represent any real-life characters. Each from the massive array of heroes has traits, unique skills that will be instrumental in launching any new Bollyverse Projects like producing films, music, shows, products, and services inside the Bollyverse.

These Hero unique skills can also be pooled or traded by the community to commission projects which also makes these unique and readily tradable by the community to commission projects. A few Heroes have a lot of credibility and hence influence over the Legends and Real NFTs. And the best part is, all Hero holders can join the Bollywood World governance and vote!

We will distribute 30% of the exchange expense into the community wallet, which can be utilized for working and purchasing up the floor for giveaways. It is at long last an ideal opportunity to be the creator of your own Bollywood acting and afterward understand your best film, TV series, or comic ideas!

About Bolly Heroes:

Bolly Heroes is a limited NFT collection in which you may write, perform, and produce your tales and characters to deliver community-driven movies, games, events, and activities. Bolly Heroes is a platform where you can buy ultra-rare NFTs to collect and preserve as gifts from your favorite Bollywood stars. These NFTs are extremely rare since they do not expire but instead live for a lifetime. The fascinating characteristic of NFTs is that they act as a digital fortune for you. It is a new concept for those who respect the works of celebrities and are passionate admirers of Bollywood’s never-ending enchantment.

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A limited NFT collection in a parallel Bollywood called Bollyverse

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A limited NFT collection in a parallel Bollywood called Bollyverse

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