Bolly Heroes — Why is it Unique?

The growing popularity of Bollywood stars has moved beyond social media into the digitized realm of virtual assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Bolly Heroes is a limited collection of these virtual assets that you can use to develop, perform, and produce your own stories and characters to create community-powered movies, games, events, and activities.

Basically, Bolly Heroes can be described as an ecosystem on which you can buy extremely valuable and rare works of art from well-known favorite Bollywood personalities to collect, exchange and keep as gifts within the community.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have the fascinating property of acting as a digital fortune teller for you. It’s a unique concept for those who love the work of celebrities and are loyal followers of Bollywood’s never-ending enchantment in its true sense.

Cultures of Digital Assets in the Bollyverse

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that denotes ownership of real items like art, video clips, music, and more. NFTs are based on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, but they are not a form of currency.

The structuring of our digital assets, which can be purchased through Opensea, includes the categories of Legend NFTs, Hero NFTs and Celebrity NFTs. The owners of such non-fungible tokens (NFTS) have an opportunity to earn money as well as incentives and early access to new goods.

Legend NFTs offers over 250 one-of-a-kind collectibles based on iconic movie scenes and celebrities from India’s previous 50 years of cinema history. Creators can receive lifelong royalties on their artwork, while early holders and participants will have an opportunity to earn more than a 10% share of income.

Hero NFTs are a collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind programmatically-generated digital art pieces. These can be useful in creating new ventures in which users can earn more than 2.5 percent of the income.

Celebrity NFTs are created in conjunction with celebrities and influencers.

Uniqueness in Oneself

In order to understand the uniqueness of oneself and the associated advantages as well as peculiarities of the Bolly Heroes ecosystem, a look must be taken, see:

  • Our digital artworks have the potential to be a unique approach for fans to interact with their favorite artists, secure them for themselves, and hold a unique stake. With the aim of creating a parallel Bollywood universe, we have worked with real partners, including production houses, music studios, brands, established personalities, developer studios for games and animation companies. Now you can experience this result in our platform.
  • It is the world’s first community-driven universe in which Bollywood characters appear and be owned in digitized form via animated series, games and more.
  • There is also another uniqueness in it than allowing players to create their own NFT designs. This gives you the option not only to co-write a piece of the Bollyverse story, but also to add your own artistic skills to it.
  • The product and thus also the platform will be continuously developed, which will give the opportunity to lend, stake and participate in liquidity mining. These skills are combined with unique collector auctions and sales of real physical things. In addition, the community can create and benefit from their own products by creating e-commerce stores and selling their unique products worldwide. There is also a Bolly Heroes DAO fund to support emerging artists and support staff in Bollywood.
  • Our digital assets are extremely unusual in that they are unique and never expire, making life everlasting possible. This only increases the value on paper, but remains with us forever like digital gold.
  • Each holder of an NFT receives a revenue share, incentives, and first access to new items. The community, innovators, and artists congregate here to let their imaginations run wild, bring their ideas to life, and profit from each new story and product they acquire. You can enter competitions that we will announce publicly, and if your NFT wins, it will be made available for purchase. All holders of our non-fungible tokens receive a share of the turnover, incentives and first access to the latest articles. The community, innovators, and artists congregate here to let their imaginations run wild, bring their ideas to life, and profit from each new story and product they acquire. There is also the possibility of participating in public competitions and if your art is selected, then it will be offered for sale with our strong marketing experts.

We’re looking forward to future developments with the utmost explosiveness and anticipation and thank you for the rapid development of digital Bollywood, our Bollyverse!

About Bolly Heroes:

Bollyheroes is a limited NFT collection in which you may write, perform, and produce your own tales and characters to deliver community-driven movies, games, events, and activities. BollyHeroes is a platform where you can buy ultra-rare NFTs to collect and preserve as gifts from your favorite Bollywood stars. These NFTs are extremely rare since they do not expire, but instead live for a lifetime. The fascinating characteristic of NFTs is that they act as a digital fortune for you. It is a new concept for those who respect the works of celebrities and are passionate admirers of Bollywood’s never-ending enchantment.

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A limited NFT collection in a parallel Bollywood called Bollyverse

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