Bolly Heroes — Our Mission

Bolly Heroes Mission

Future-Oriented Direction of the Bollyverse

  • A revenue split, incentives, and early access to new goods are all available to NFT holders. You can participate in public contests, and if your NFT is chosen, it will be published online and sold. Our non-fungible token holders will be shared a percentage of the incentives and early access to new content.
  • Another element that sets it apart is the possibility for players to create their own NFT designs. You may utilize your talents to produce a one-of-a-kind piece of art and profit from it.
  • It’s the world’s first community-driven universe where Bollywood characters may live and be owned digitally through animated shows, games, and other media.
  • The community may create and earn from their own products by launching e-commerce sites and selling their one-of-a-kind items worldwide. Bolly Heroes DAO money is also available to assist aspiring Bollywood performers and support workers.
  • The product, and therefore the platform, will be constantly improved, allowing users to lend, invest, and mine liquidity. These talents are combined with great collector auctions and tangible sales of real objects.

About Bolly Heroes:

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A limited NFT collection in a parallel Bollywood called Bollyverse