Are you Deewane or Mastane about NFTs in India?

While we were learning more and more about cryptocurrencies, another blockchain wonder swept the world with awe. Yes, we are talking about NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens are having a significant influence in the world now. NFTs are a saviour for the digital creators, be it artwork, music, games, and so forth.

So, are you all Deewane, the NFT enthusiasts, or Mastane, the NFT critic?

Though it all started in 2017, the actual escalation was seen in March 2021 when some extraordinary deals occurred. Digital assets are safer, accountable and transparent, making it a better option for exchanges as it makes the process way more efficient and verifiable. Blockchain technology provides ultimate safety to NFTs such that they cannot get replicated, eliminated without the owner’s choice or demolished. Thus, making it an efficient way to preserve the ownership of tokens.

Application of NFTs

NFTs are not limited to the art and entertainment business; they are also advantageous for certificates, degrees, qualifications, medical records, licences, and so on. Therefore, it can be utilised for the verification of documents in future. If sports digital collectibles can be brought into the market, the possibilities are many.

The escalation of NFT fever in India

The Deewanas were thrilled to have the Shahenshah of Bollywood release his NFTs that included poetry, special collectables and an original piece of rare and cherished moments of his life.

The obsession got even more intense after this breakout as it was followed by many other celebrities like Salman Khan, Sunny Leone, music producer Nucleya, the very famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra, and the TV anchor: Vishal Malhotra.

Be a Deewane, not a Mastane

NFTs are a perfect blend of art and technology. It is a great opportunity for artists to showcase their skills and earn through them. It is just the beginning; they will soon prove to be a boon for economic development. With everything turning digital, it will be a fruitful decision to be an NFT enthusiast and explore the wonders it does. The revolution is taking its eminent steps; therefore, this is the time to join the NFT family and cruise along. Just like the internet, NFTs are going to be huge! SO why be a Mastana? Be a Deewana for NFTs and a Mastana in real life instead.

About Bolly Heroes:

Bolly Heroes is a limited NFT collection in which you may write, perform, and produce your tales and characters to deliver community-driven movies, games, events, and activities. Bolly Heroes is a platform where you can buy ultra-rare NFTs to collect and preserve as gifts from your favorite Bollywood stars. These NFTs are extremely rare since they do not expire but instead live for a lifetime. The fascinating characteristic of NFTs is that they act as a digital fortune for you. It is a new concept for those who respect the works of celebrities and are passionate admirers of Bollywood’s never-ending enchantment.

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A limited NFT collection in a parallel Bollywood called Bollyverse

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A limited NFT collection in a parallel Bollywood called Bollyverse

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